Why Shoot a European?

European shoots are a great way to introduce your friends or business clients to Flint Oak. They are designed for private groups of all sizes. This type of shoot is ideal for those not able to Field Hunt. When you factor in the unpredictability of Kansas weather, even the most experienced shooter will be challenged, while the novice will have an enjoyable experience hunting with friends. The camaraderie and atmosphere of these shoots is a great tool for team building. With all this in mind, why not schedule your European Shoot soon?

Open European Shoots

The Open European 39 to 78 Guns

The Open European, our "Grand Event", is held on selected Saturdays throughout Hunt Season. The pageantry of this event makes each and every shoot unique because of the mix of participants, the weather and a myriad of other factors.

Starting with the Safety Talk at 8:00 AM on Saturday mornings, this is the "granddaddy" of our Europeans. It includes a huge Hunter's breakfast, coffee break around a toasty campfire, a variety of lunch buffets, and an equal share of the day's harvest.

The European has 39 blinds that surround the oak covered hill. Pheasants are driven to flight towards the shooters. As the pheasants are harvested, the Flint Oak Retriever dogs are picking up birds for you.

When the brace is over you move to a new blind and the fun starts all over. Each blind offers you different shooting challenges. The Open European is scheduled regularly throughout hunt season. This is an "open" shoot, you can book reservations from one to seventy-eight shooters! However, we may use a different European site, depending on the amount of guns booked.

Shooting the European with a special friend or family member will make memories that last a lifetime.

The Phoenix 18 to 36 Guns

The Phoenix was a mythical bird that arose from the smoke and ashes of its own destruction! Thus we thought it was an appropriate name for this driven shoot because those birds just seem to keep rising and flying despite smoking shotguns!

The Phoenix is located on the westerly portion of Flint Oak and has just recently been remodeled to accommodate eighteen to thirty-six shooters. There are more trees and a totally different terrain than any of our other Europeans.

The Mini European 12 to 24 Guns

The Mini was the first private European shoot introduced to Flint Oak. This shoot has proven to be very exciting and even sportier than we first anticipated. It is a twelve blind shoot that will accommodate up to twenty four shooters.

The west side is more forested and the birds are on the shooters QUICK, much faster than you think. The birds darting through tree openings verify the importance of staying alert at all times.

The east side transitions from the forest to the prairie side. Towering birds provide some long lead shots with the birds in full view and really moving fast! Very few birds harvested end up in front of the blind on the prairie side, verifying the speed the birds build up prior to being shot.

Every Mini European produces shots that will be remembered and talked about for years to come! For Private groups, the Mini continues to be a crowd pleaser.

The Osage 10 to 20 Guns

The newest addition to the Flint Oak European line up is located on the northwest corner of the Ranch. This beautiful area was once home to the Osage Tribe where they lived and hunted buffalo. Many artifacts have been found close to this site as well as many other areas at Flint Oak and are on display in the Lodge entryway.

This site has a fantastic mix of open prairie shooting opportunities as well as challenging forested shots to keep all participants entertained and smiling.

The Mecca 8 to 16 Guns

Webster defines the Mecca as "a center of activity sought as a goal by people sharing a common interest." We at Flint Oak certainly hope that is true with our Mecca. This shoot is nestled in the upper end of a long brushy draw. Sitting among some very large oaks and blackjacks with cedars and oaks in the center it produces some challenging shots. The shoot also sets astride a creek that forks into a bigger creek.

This shoot is arguably one of our Members favorite Europeans.

The Scottie/Double Scottie 6 to 8 Guns

The Scottie lies toward the east of Flint Oak and is ideal for six to eight shooters. This shoot allows smaller groups to enjoy European style shooting.


The "Double Scottie", is the most popular Scottie choice by our Members. It is different in the fact that the gunner rotates around the circle twice, giving more shooting opportunities and a second chance at mastering the nuances of each blind. A break after the first round enables the group to cuss and discuss each blind and set new strategies for the second round. The harvest percentage may be higher on the second round.

This shoot is ideal for those small groups of friends or clients that you wish to entertain on a more personal basis.

To increase the fun and add more shooting pleasure, extra birds are recommended and may be purchased for each of these shoots except the Open European